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What We Do


We provide specific skills and knowledge to help unleash new insights, strategies, and relationships.

Changing Attitudes
Design, and evaluation of social, economic, and societal processes and rationale in developing interventions that influence attitudes and behaviors.

Establishing partnership
Developing systems and platforms for multi-stakeholders for accountability and governance, hence strengthening coordination structures and processes.


Making it Count
Creating diverse initiatives in understanding freedoms and developing opportunities for engagement.

Giving voice to the voiceless and increasing the power of storytelling and lived experience.

Determining the course of action
Evaluating risks, trends, and dynamics in identifying the potential barriers, entry points, and opportunities.

Developing change theories, strategies, and milestones.

Using Collective Intelligence
Designing learning systems. Supporting the processes of participatory research and design.

Creating prototypes and pilots in partnerships. Increasing the effectiveness of decision-making frameworks.

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