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I sit down on a fort

Behind me the beautiful ocean

The cold breeze sweeping by me

Right past my thick thighs and short hair

My mind is drifted towards my lover

My body vibrates at a distance

At the lust that's eating me inside

I want my lover

The month is on its time. 

I am about to finish my cycle

Oh my temperatures hot and steaming

My body dripping

I long for his touch

The way he kisses me and takes my breath away 

The way he gently undresses me 

To worship the beauty of my body

His eyes red as crimson

His hands full of veins

His heart is pumping 

His blood is flowing

He takes a pause to adore creation 

He whispers in my ears 

"You are a goddess "

"I am all yours my lord" I whisper back

My love kisses me down my spine

Sending tingles and shivers all over me

All my muscles respond

And my body shakes in response to his touch

I want him to take me

I want him to disrespect me 

I want him to forget my dignity

I want him to make me his

I reach out for his pants

And he says "not yet"

I retract and let him adorn me with his love

Let him worship me

I love my lover and my lover loves me

To be continued ...

Blog Guest: Maryanne Nyambura

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