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The reason why many millennials never achieve anything all their lives is because they spend all their lives wishing, imagining and dreaming of their future yet they miss out on the key thing. Every dream, thought, imagination must be followed by an action in order to be realized. This is not always easy is you asked a millennial. How many times have we promised to start that project of ours? Statements like “this year I must start a serious business”, “this year I will lose weight ”, “this month I must move into my new house” “next month I will resign from my job” “I will improve my grades” are not new to millennials anymore, yes those are very good thinking about yourself but what are you doing? What is the action plan?

I only need to go through your last year’s resolutions and I will predict 97% of what you will write down as your new year’s resolution in 2018. (Trust me am not a magician). It’s because every word we speak or write most of the time is hindered by one big word ACTION. We are blinded by the comfort of our current situations until moving on, upgrading, changing and re positioning becomes an issue. Be sure at the time you are reading this post, it has taken more than two weeks from the time it was meant to be posted. It’s time to kiss ‘comfort zone’ goodbye. I am ready, are you ready?

The difference between dreamers and achievers is one thing; they are doers, they do what they say they will do with the person they said they would do it with at the said time of ACTION. Last week I read a post from Sarah Munyi’s Change to excellence in 14 days online training platform that said: “Knowledge is power but real power is applied knowledge” we have to apply every good thoughts that we have always had about ourselves. We have to release our full potential before we die, like Myles Munroe said in his book, the grave must be the richest place on earth, with billionaires that never were, entrepreneurs who never implemented their dreams: Maze! Bado nasema joh! Kiss that ‘comfort zone’ a good “Good goodbye”.

Through Sarah Munyi’s teachings I have learnt to get off my comfort zone; a plan backed by action makes your dream come true. Last two weeks have been a milestone for me because I have taken into action my long time planned things and you don’t want to know the joy of just knowing you jumped off the comfort zone! By the way, don’t mind where you fall just get off the comfort zone! It might be a softer landing, a hard landing, or you may never land but trust you me it is way better than staying at your comfort zone. As I type this article some of my worst fears of getting off the comfort have been automatically dealt with. Some mountains in your life are meant to move you into ACTION not to be moved. Just be prepared because for every new move there is a new affliction but with a new Grace and a new opportunity to trust in God more.

Remember if you do not step forward you will always remain in the same position. See you in your next landing as you get off your comfort zone!!!

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