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I want to break bottles 

I want to scream my lungs out

For the pain and hurt I feel

For how much longer was I willing to be a fool

For how much longer was I willing to doubt my instinct 

I am a woman! 

A little less calls

Little less messages 

And much more busy days

Oh how he was ploughing hay all day

Question is who's hay was he ploughing 

Not mine of course 

I was played

And shit hurts like hell

But I gat to hurt like a woman and act like a man

Tough call I know

But this is for the woman I am

The sane graceful woman

History has repeated it self

Oh world! Receive your medal

You have managed to break me again. 

Loud of applause to my choice of being blind

Loud of applause to my choice of denial

The stage was set,  the play was played and here we stand

I am a woman

I know I will make through this

Because black don't crack. 

I live for another day

Another heart to love

And give thanks for the lessons learned

Resident Blogger: Maryanne Nyambura

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