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How can the private sector help generate positive impact at scale?

One way that businesses can generate positive impact at scale is by engaging in community work. By working with communities on issues that are important to them, businesses can help to address complex challenges that may be difficult for governments and non-profit organizations to solve alone. For example, Smart Move Community has been working with Jasmman Ltd, a local construction company that believes in environmental conservation, to transform communities on issues related to wellness and biodiversity.

Through this partnership, Jasmman Ltd has been advising its clients on how to plant more trees on their construction sites, which can help to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality. Additionally, they have been working with Smart Move Community to promote yoga for biodiversity, which can help to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the natural environment.

Engagement of businesses on community work is key because it allows them to build trust and relationships with local communities. This can help to create a sense of shared responsibility and accountability for addressing complex challenges, which can lead to more sustainable and effective solutions. Additionally, businesses can leverage their resources and expertise to create innovative solutions that can be scaled up to have a greater impact.

In conclusion, the private sector has a unique opportunity to generate positive impact at scale by engaging in community work and collaborating with other stakeholders to address complex challenges. By adopting a systems-based perspective and investing in strategies such as resource allocation, policy, innovation, and human capacity building, businesses can create real and lasting change that benefits everyone.

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