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I am a crayon, once a whole crayon

Ready to colour the world...

Ready to show the beauty of my radiance...

My maker made me well

Then I was borrowed 

To color someone's world

Oh how exciting it was for the first few pages

I brightened up the book page by page

But time flew and my book needed more colors

I was not enough

Light shade dark shade I was the same. 

The one who borrowed got tired

Pressed me on the book so hard 

And I broke! 

I searched for my broken piece 

A piece of me never to be found

Part of me was lost

I got a good owner who's book needed some color

I was excited to be chosen

But every time a page flips

I feel less and less bright

My broken piece is still lost

But yes I can still color

But I am not whole

I am a broken crayon

I haven't got my permanent handler yet

One who is willing to let me color the book forever

One who knows my color is all the book needs

Despite being a broken crayon

I sit in a pile 

Of broken crayons just like me

Maybe one day I shall be bought

To make someone's world bright again

I am a broken crayon 

But  broken crayons still colour!! 

Resident Blogger: Maryanne Nyambura

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