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Smart-Life is our approach for
enabling transformational change


 Smart-Life Approach (SLA) 


Smart Move Community believes that, it is significant to create a forum that will unravel the distinct challenges by location and region, bring them to attention and keep track, formulate viable mitigation measures, give audience and provide solutions to the emerging and forming trends among the youth in their social, political, economic, cultural and commercial lives; keeping in mind that in a few short years, the youth will be the ones leading the nation.


Many areas of growth, including learning, health, and wellbeing, rely on social, emotional, and associated abilities. Smart Move Community takes a holistic approach to community transformation by implementing integrated programs that address a variety of issues including: FGM/GBV, value based education, countering violent extremism, agriculture, eco-tourism, climate justice, and socio-cultural development; as a ‘Grace & Grit program’ (context-sensitive-designed initiative), that is managed and conducted by community members from marginalized settings, with 3 applications: self-awareness, self-discovery and self-reliance. 

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